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 Pre sales service:

Professional sales staff will explain the efficacy and usage of the products in detail, and provide you with technical services such as workshop, layout, drawing design, personnel training and so on according to the different situations of customers. Business budget and suggestions.

On sale service:

Professional personnel and training center provide you with comprehensive technical consultation and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of the product, on-site training and practice, so that you not only buy the equipment, but also master the technology.

after-sale service:

Specially equipped with a group of professional and experienced technical masters for the whole process tracking service, to solve various problems and needs of customers, and also visit customers regularly to help customers train technical personnel.



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Tel: 15381575757

Add: c23-1, tingchao road 66, Shangwang street, Ruian City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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